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Beverly and I have heard many bad stories when people build a new house, which seems to be common these days. While working with Dewhill Homes, we experienced nothing but enjoyment and comfort. Even though we didn't know what we wanted, they were helpful and patient with us. Nancy also made great suggestions on everything including how to save on costs. Everything was done in our time frame and there were no hidden fees. I would rate Dewhill Homes as dependable, very honest, trustworthy and quality builders.

Thank you for a great job.

Rocco + Beverly Celletti

My experience with Dewhill Home LKC has been very good. I recently contacted Nancy Kirk to give me a bid on a new deck, and found her to be a pleasant person to deal with. She arranged for a very competitive bid, which I accepted. The two person crew she sent over, Kevin and James, were very efficient and completed the job in a professional, timely way. We are very happy with our new deck.

Dave Thacher


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